Hospitality Management & Accounting

(Full-service and Select-service hotels and motels)


Metropolitan hotels offer some significant benefits, including location, security, cleanliness, consistency and amenities. Our high-level guest experience appeals to leisure and business travellers, a range of lodging options in Western Canada.


Metropolitan welcomes investor inquiries from respected companies, institutions and individuals who share our long-term vision for success in the hospitality sector.



We believe that our management style, mission and vision are responsible for our success. Our management staff is dedicated to creating an excellent guest experience. Each guest who checks into our hotels is more than a reservation, and our staff pride themselves on the roles they play in making each guest’s stay exceptional.


Metropolitan seeks partners that wish to bring our proven system of hospitality management to their properties. Using our core values of respect, honesty, commitment to quality, creativity, investment in our staff and teamwork, we deliver uncompromising quality and service to our guests and support each brand with distinction.



Metropolitan hotels speak for themselves. Our proven success with developing and managing hotels distinguishes a Metropolitan hotel from its competitors, and it has enabled us to operate our properties successfully.


Our reputation with guest services is guided by our values and vision to excel to the highest quality and experience within our areas.


We would be happy to discuss property acquisitions, and development partnerships with you. Please contact us at